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Everyone's An Artist: Photography Edition

Monica Martinez
Monica Martinez

10% of what is said is retained. Add a great image and that percent goes up to 65%. Come learn how to design your images to convey the right message for any media. We will explore basic design principles and #iOS/Android friendly mobile apps (Snapseed, Google Photos, and PhotoScan) that will transform your work into a professional landscape.

  • Nivel: Principiantes/Beginners

  • Público: Primaria/Lower School, Secundaria/Middel School, Bachillerato/Upper School

  • Temas: Creatividad/Creativity, Diseño/Design, Productividad/Productivity

  • Idioma: English

Sobre el ponente

Monica Isabel Martinez is an international educational technology speaker and consultant. She has experience teaching students (PreK - higher ed) and professionals at all levels in 6 out of the 7 continents. Monica has a master’s degree in Educational Technology, is a published author, designer and photographer. 


  • Google Innovator

  • Google Certified Trainer

  • Google Certified Educator Level II

  • Google Certified Educator Level I    

  • Apple Teacher

  • Master Screencaster

Información práctica

08/08/2020 10:15 (America/Mexico_City)
1 hora